Grocery Haul: What $100 USD Can Get You in Namibia

While Eric and I can generally find everything we need in Karibib, sometimes my recipes require a few specialty items. Luckily, we are only about one and a half hours from Swakopmund, one of the larger cities in Namibia. There are a few products that I just can’t find in Namibia (i.e. tempeh, vegan butter, vegan cream cheese), but Swakopmund pretty much has everything that a modern European grocery store would have. Our favorite store is Fruit and Veg, which is jokingly called the Whole Foods of Namibia. We decided to head to Swakopmund for the weekend to pick up some of these special goods. To give you a sense of what things cost in Namibia, here is what we got along with prices converted to US Dollars. Keep in mind, these are higher end items!

What We Got
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What It Cost

Item Namibian Dollars US Dollars
400g Tahini x2 $139.98 $9.94
1L Coconut Oil x2 $79.98 $5.68
250 ml Sesame Oil $69.99 $4.97
250ml Organic Tamari $76.99 $5.47
250 ml Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil $79.99 $5.68
400g Red Curry Paste $80.99 $5.75
230g Whole Grain Mustard $33.99 $2.41
Organic Chutney Tapanade $44.99 $3.19
50g Whole Black Pepper + Grinder $38.99 $2.77
Large Loaf Pan $101.69 $7.22
Koo Extra Hot Chakalaka $16.99 $1.21
Prestik $21.95 $1.56
Parsnips x5 $39.99 $2.84
0.3kg Sun Dried Tomatoes $57.30 $4.07
Avocados x3 $29.97 $2.13
Mediterranean Loaf $26.95 $1.91
Papayas x2 $49.98 $3.55
Biscuits for Africa Banana Cookies $31.99 $2.27
400g Vermicelli Rice Noodles $44.49 $3.16
500g Gluten Free Fettuccine $56.99 $4.05
Canned Tom Yum Soup $52.99 $3.76
9 Peaches $25.00 $1.78
9 Nectarines $25.00 $1.78
Canned Coconut Cream x3 $80.85 $5.74
Beacon Midnight Velvet Chocolate x2 $29.98 $2.13
Dairy Free Chocolate $12.50 $0.89
Health Bread $26.99 $1.92

For everything you see the in the picture, the grand total ended up being N$1,377.49 or just $97.80 USD. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

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