Eric has been moving his whole life. He taught his older brother how to climb out of the crib and has never looked back. He began his journey of self realization starting a dream journal in high school and diving into the world lucid dreaming. He began to meditate in college and eventually went on a 10 day silent meditation retreat. He has worked in the world of engineering and as a teacher in the Peace Corps. He has traveled the world but knows that the most distant shores reside in the mind. One of his mantras is “Go beyond the awe” in that yes, life is incredible, but you must be present to truly experience it. He believes in love and compassion. Watch as he manifests that reality

You can find Eric on instagram @ericdanger

Tina Pico has been passionate about the environment, music, philanthropy, and adventure her whole life. She hosted a music festival during high school in pursuit of her Gold Award from the girl scouts and continued to hold it for three consecutive years to spread positive environmental messages. During her time at college she was a pivotal member of the environmental club while getting degrees in environmental and ocean engineering. Tina is known far and wide for her planning and organization skills. Just enter her house now and you will step into a a shrine of tranquility. She also planned her and Eric’s first backpacking trip, a three day outing on the Maryland section of the AT. Her love of travel and nature has taken her across the globe in search of the perfect foot picture. She served in the Peace Corps and can now be found living by the beach, making music, going to shows, hiking, and protecting the environment through her job. Driven at the core by her unwavering compassion, a spirituality in nature, and a love for the planet, she is a force making positive waves in the world.

forever wandering


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